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Don’t Buy the “Brand” Buy the Fit

Does you neighbour, sister or friend have a favourite shoe?

Do they insist it will be the best you’ve every had??

Perhaps Yes and maybe NO.

Brands represent quality and care into manufacturing a product, but they cannot guarantee that it will be the best for you.

Feet like fingerprints are all different, they are manufactured on a variety of “lasts” (a wooden foot used to create the shape of the shoe).

Some are straight lasted, contoured and even curved. These shapes are designed to “match” a person’s foot shape.  The length of your arch and flexibility should also be taken into consideration when determing size.

A high arch narrow to medium width foot may prefer the curved, or contoured last whereas a low arch broad foot would benefit from a straighter last.

Simply Shoes measures each foot to determine: arch length-arch height-flexibility of arch from static to stance-foot length (which does NOT always determine shoe size)and width.

With our product knowledge, we can then make recommendations as to what styles may be better suited for your foot.

Brands such as NAOT- SAS-FINN use a variety of lasts to accommodate the various foot shapes.

One style may be perfect and yet another, not as good. This could be the reason why.

So as we say “Don’t Buy the Brand–Buy the Fit”

Stop by Simply Shoes at either 155 King St. Downtown Chatham (free parking on Simcoe lane)

or 63 Talbot St. Blenheim and let us fit you.

After all,   You’re Standing on our Reputation